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Our new satisfied clients

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On-line payrolls management

Complex online payroll agenda without worrying about running another department. The ideal solution for companies who need to have constant access to payroll and personnel information without the cost of their own payroll department and special software.

If you need 24-hour online access to information from human resources and you require a guarantee of professional Payrolls management, we have the ideal solution for you. We bring you the same benefits as if you had department in your company, but with less cost and extensive support.

Technically, we implement this solution through Remote Desktop access to our terminal server and then you work with the same actual data as we do. This means that you have an online survey on your payroll and personnel information, you can also use and print the necessary outputs by yourselves.

In practice this system works as follows: you can type or print staff attendance or certification of income of your employees for social authorities, etc., and our staff will take care of proper processing and accounting, including contact with the relevant authorities.

The advantage of our solution is that you do not have any worries about upgrading accounting software or data backup. There is no need to employ any professional accounting staff and provide them with training, related to frequent changes in laws. All initial documents will be scanned and sent online from your dedicated personnel to us - payroll processing, including reporting on all relevant authorities is then our job. You are receiving the same outcomes, as if you had your own department, but under much more favorable price.

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Sample Price list

According to the complexity and number of employees from 100, - CZK to 200, - CZK / person / month.
The most common price is 150, - CZK / person / month