Our new satisfied clients

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Our new satisfied clients

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Business Support

Starting a business is always challenging. Full compliance requires both a good understanding of what needs to be done and arranged, as well as enough time. But the same applies also for companies already doing business.

It is useless to face such demands on information, time and money, as well as possibility of mistakes in implementing all the provisions and obligations. Account Professional offers comprehensive support in your business. You can then concentrate on the main subject of your business.

We are ready to provide following services:

Establishment of a company and the first steps
Office seat and related services
Business Services
Commercial and administrative activities
Legal services

Quick Contact

Account Professional a.s.
Tel.: 596 818 043, mobil: 777 868 667
e-mail: uctarna__at__profiuctarna.cz

Establishment of a company and the first steps

  • Checking company name in the commercial register
  • Real estate register extracts
  • Establishing the Business
  • Registered seat providing
  • Transfer of ready-made companies
  • Obtaining the trade license certificate
  • Company registration in the commercial register
  • Registration by tax office, social security administration office, health & insurance company

Registered seat and related services

  • Renting the virtual offices
  • Mail forwarding, administration of mails
  • Provision of assistance services
  • Providing a separate telephone line
  • Provision of meeting space, including equipment and facilities

Business Services

  • Management of „data mailboxes“
  • Documentation Service
  • Archiving of documents and electronic archiving
  • Filing service

Commercial- administrative activities

  • Duty proceedings
  • Supplies administration
  • Orders to suppliers
  • Receiving orders
  • EDI
  • Issuing of delivery notes
  • Issuing of invoices, electronic billing, electronic signatures
  • Administrative claims processing
  • Processing customer contracts
  • Customer information - technical, price lists, etc.
  • Continuous screening margin suppliers and customers
  • Dealing with claims


  • Comprehensive accounting
  • On-line access
  • Representation by state authorities

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Legal services

  • Complete Legal Service
  • Claims Recovery
  • Contracts and contractual relationships
  • Resolution of commercial disputes

Quick Contact

Account Professional a.s.
Tel.: 596 818 043, mobil: 777 868 667
e-mail: uctarna__at__profiuctarna.cz