Our new satisfied clients

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Our new satisfied clients

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Assistance & Consulting

We offer a wide range of advice to help you better understand the economic aspects of business, not to make unnecessary mistakes and manage your finances well. We provide:

Accouting support
Tax and accounting advice
Economic and business consultancy

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Account Professional a.s.
Tel.: 596 818 043, mobil: 777 868 667
e-mail: uctarna__at__profiuctarna.cz

Accouting assistance

When you are procesing your firm's accounting, we can offer assistance. Our task is to take over the monitoring and control, for which we will be responsible.

Within this service we can provide:

  • The introduction of an accounting system
  • Consultations by phone and email
  • The sight of the client's company
  • Professional supervision of accounting personnel in the client's company
  • Representation by the authorities (Tax Office, Trade Licence Office, Social Securiy Office,

Health instance companies, etc.)

  • Accounting and tax consultations
  • Processing of returns for individual income and corporate income tax, monthly or quarterly

VAT returns, road tax

  • Processing accounts
  • Assistance with setting-up the business
  • Methodological supervision and consultation and assistance in dealing with emerging problems
  • Development of statistical reports
  • Processing applications to the Tax Office, Customs Office
  • Information on the novels of accounting standards and their application in practice
  • Security audit
  • Financial analysis and reporting, data for banks

Tax and accounting advice

We offer comprehensive tax advice, and dealing with all types of tax returns.

Income tax - personal and corporate

  • Comprehensive tax advice
  • The possibility of postponing the date for processing tax returns to June 30th
  • Representation by the Tax offices
  • Ability to process tax returns in the extended deadline
  • Processing of reports for Social security office and Health insurance companies

Value Added Tax

  • Processing of tax returns
  • Advice on trade within the EU
  • Review of documentation for tax calculation

Economic and business consultancy

We provide a wide range of services related to running a business.

These include:

  • Organizational business consultancy
  • Implementation of Information Systems
  • Economic advice and analysis
  • Marketing consultancy and analysis
  • Cooperating with law firms as well as all legal services related to business

Quick Contact

Account Professional a.s.
Tel.: 596 818 043, mobil: 777 868 667
e-mail: uctarna__at__profiuctarna.cz